Spa Policies

Please give us 48 hours notice for any cancellation. If we arrive at your location for your scheduled appointment and you are not there, you will be charged for your missed appointment. Please be mindful that we are on a tight schedule. Please help us to keep the exchange time down when picking up and returning your pet so that we have more time with your furry friends!

In addition I would like to mention that we will give you a two hour time slot in which we will arrive. There may be times that we are unable to arrive within that two hour slot. If we are running late, we will give you a call. If you wish to cancel the appointment at that time, you can do so with no extra charge.

We also suggest to those with busy schedules to give us a key to your home. This way we can come and go with no interruption to your day!

Safety First
Safety is important to us! Please let us know if your pet has any health issues or aggression.

Fleas and Ticks
Please be advised that it is the OWNERS RESPONSIBILITY to keep your pet flea and tick free. If your dog comes into our van infested with fleas, your pet will be given a flea bath right away. There will be a $25.00 charge for the flea bath (pesticide free) and to clean up and de-bug the van. This will be in addition to the price of your groom.

Matted Pets
Please be advised that if your pet is excessively matted, we will recommend a shave down. Also be advised that pets who have matted fur often have underlying issues, like sores and irritation, where bacteria has been trapped. A shave down can also present a situation where a pet can be nicked. We are not responsible for these issues that may present themselves during and after the shave down process. We strive to keep the grooming process comfortable and stress-free. Keeping your pet on a regular schedule will prevent a shave down.

Pricing is based on pets who are on a regular schedule. Regular schedule being 4-6 weeks. There will be a travel fee for pets outside of the San Francisco city limits.

Please call or email for a quote. Please keep in mind that we will get back to you by the next business day.